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The Political Life: How to get rid of those Pesky Presidents

July 28, 2008

The movement has been growing to impeach President Bush, and that movement has finally been acknowledged. Without, I believe, the knowledge of most Americans, the Democratic Congress has begun impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheny. While I believe that the evidence they will use are not near enough to impeach them, I still cannot help but feel a little worry about what this may mean in the future.


Barack Obama goes to Europe and… Who Cares?

July 27, 2008

Europe has seen Barack Obama, and they loved him. He made some good speeches in front of adoring crowds of hundreds of thousands. If Nothing else, Obama’s campaign is quite a bit richer. If Europe could vote, Obama would be the next president. But Who Cares?

Guilty by Association?

July 21, 2008

A wise man once said “you can tell a lot about a man by his friends”, if that’s true, Barack Obama may have a problem.

Where in the World are Barack Obama’s Beliefs?

July 20, 2008

We have history in the making this year. The first major African-American candidate for President of the U.S.A. But who is this guy? He’s a Democrat, but that doesn’t always tell you much. He claims to be a Christian, but anyone can claim. He appears to be independant and untainted by politics, but is it […]

Brainwashed, Brainwashed, Everybody’s Brainwashed.

July 6, 2008

I just looked at a different blog’s comment section for a post dealing with John McCain’s military experience. Every other person accused someone else of taking drugs or drinking Kool-Aid. Did anyone’s opinion change? Didn’t appear like it. It was just Democrats, sure that they are right, slinging insults at Republicans, who, sure that they are […]


July 4, 2008

A lot has changed in 200 years. We are no longer an upstart nation, fighting to keep ourselves alive and separate from the foreign powers of Europe. We had no anthem, no means of supporting ourselves. We were the great experiment, and we still are. But this experimental country built around the principles of the […]