Solar Power
Helping People off the Fence


A lot has changed in 200 years. We are no longer an upstart nation, fighting to keep ourselves alive and separate from the foreign powers of Europe. We had no anthem, no means of supporting ourselves. We were the great experiment, and we still are. But this experimental country built around the principles of the Bible and the directions of God has thrived. Instead of those poor, disunited nations we were, we have become the greatest nation on earth!

 We have many problems, and yet, many show how great this nation is. In what other nation do we complain that fireworks hurt birds? Work to put POW’s into our regular prison system? Or fight to keep us from getting oil we need, if it might hurt animals? I think that everyone who fights for the causes I just listed are misguided, but they demonstrate the amount of caring  America does. Someone discovers a new disease, Americans discover the cure.

 Work must be done, (if perfect was a landmark on Earth, we would be on Pluto) but so far we have risen to the challenge, and with the Lord’s help, we will again. May the Land of Invention once again rise.

Happy 4th of July!!!

P.S The next time someone complains about the U.S., tell the to move to Iraq for me.


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