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Brainwashed, Brainwashed, Everybody’s Brainwashed.

I just looked at a different blog’s comment section for a post dealing with John McCain’s military experience. Every other person accused someone else of taking drugs or drinking Kool-Aid. Did anyone’s opinion change? Didn’t appear like it. It was just Democrats, sure that they are right, slinging insults at Republicans, who, sure that they are right, sling more mud back. Who wins? Not the democrats, they didn’t change any minds. Not the republicans either. All that happened was some angry americans (myself included) vented some steam, and then it got built right back up again, because both sides know that neither side won.

That is normal in todays (and yesterdays, and the day before yesterdays, and…) politics. Both sides know that they can’t win, so they throw insults. If you have strong opinions on one side or the other, and you have voiced them on a blog, your probably brainwashed, at least that is what the other side will say.


One Response to “Brainwashed, Brainwashed, Everybody’s Brainwashed.”

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    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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