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Guilty by Association?

A wise man once said “you can tell a lot about a man by his friends”, if that’s true, Barack Obama may have a problem.

One very… interesting… person in Obama’s life sticks out. Barack Obama’s former pastor. For 20 years Obama has gone to Jeremiah Wright’s church, a man Obama said was like an uncle to him. This is the same guy who has screamed in front of his congregation “God D*** America!!”, to applause!

Barack Obama was friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who has stated that he wished he would have done more [terrorism]. They worked together with friendly relations for several years.

If that isn’t enough for poor Senator Obama, he has been endorsed by Hamas and Louis Farrakhan (he rejected that endorsement). Does Barack Obama believe what they believe? I very seriously doubt it, but at the very least, he needs to be more careful picking friends.


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