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The Political Life: How to get rid of those Pesky Presidents

The movement has been growing to impeach President Bush, and that movement has finally been acknowledged. Without, I believe, the knowledge of most Americans, the Democratic Congress has begun impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheny. While I believe that the evidence they will use are not near enough to impeach them, I still cannot help but feel a little worry about what this may mean in the future.

Besides “he’s stupid”, an accusation of lying is the most common charge brought against our President. Many will say he lied about Iraq having WMD’s. I ask how relying on the best intelligence in the world can be lying? Congress saw the same evidence Bush did. It also has not been proven that Iraq did not have WMD’s. Saddam had 18 months to ship incriminating evidence out of Iraq beforehand. A high ranking Iraqi official, General Georges Sada, claims that much of the weapons was shipped out to Syria disguised as aid after an earthquake. U.N. Weapon Inspectors said that they were not allowed to search many buildings, and were often forced to leave suddenly. We have found some of the weapons caches that they missed.

They say that the warrant less wiretaps were unconstitutional. This was a national security matter, the courts have no right to interfere here. Especially when you consider that they were used only when a known terrorist was part of the call. It wasn’t just “I wonder what my neighbor thinks about me?”.

I refuse to even talk about war crimes.

Of course the prosecutors will be more crafty than just this, who knows what they will pull out? But when it comes right down to it, this trial is a political move. I’m afraid Bush isn’t the epiphany of evil.


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