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Muhammad the Untouchable

On the news today (a while back) was the story of how an Afghan journalist was on trial for his life (in Afghanistan) translated version of the Koran! The article went on to say that even if the man won the trial and was released, he might be killed by one of the various men who now hated him. The man on trial claimed that he didn’t even translate the Koran, he was just the guy who published it. This just doesn’t make much sense to those who live in the U.S, but being charged with 13 counts of Blasphemy is reason for death, not civil rights reform, in Muslim-dominated countries.

In Islamic nations church IS state. Because of this, simple things like having a dog for a pet is frowned upon. More seriously, women’s rights are next to non-existent. Their was one case a while back that caused quite an uproar in the international community because a Pakistani woman who had been raped by a group of men was arrested for hanging around them! Women are required to wear veils over their faces, pray behind men in mosques, in Saudi Arabia, women are not even allowed to drive!

Islam has also become very protective of itself. Remember the uproar when that printer published a cartoon depicting Muhammad with a missile in his turban? People have been jailed in Canada for republishing this cartoon! Then there was the British teacher in Sudan who named a teddy bear Muhammad’s, she was charged with inciting religious hatred.

Despite Islam being the “religion of peace”, a certain level of violence always seems to follow it. In the United States, The United States! Their have been fathers murdering their own children in “honor killings”, because they dishonored the family in some way, such as dating non-Muslim boys.

But the worst of the problems torturing Islam is terrorism, radical Muslims, people of all backgrounds (often middle class), going to the point of blowing themselves up to kill others because they believe Allah demands it of them! They believe the reward they will receive will be 72 virgins in heaven.

A bitter struggle is now going on between the violent and some of the more radical versions of Islam, like those I have listed above, and the moderate more peaceful versions of Islam. Radical Islam now plays a very powerful role in destabilising the world. It is important that Radical Islam is defeated. I believe Democracy will help that. But just as important as fighting it on their side of the globe, is fighting it on ours. The U.S. has been good about putting all things through rigorous debate, we cannot give Islam a free pass.


One Response to “Muhammad the Untouchable”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this info on the main stream networks? How can this be ignored by such a large segment of the population? We are in such danger and most people seem to just over look the facts. It’s much more fun to be critical of our president then to face the danger we are in. I’m at a loss to understand why good people are not concerned for the world we are leaving to our grandchildren.

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