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$3.95 is now the U.S. national average according to the EIA. That may be lower than what it was a week ago, but it is still high. Why?

1) we haven’t built a refinery in way too long, and it is insanely difficult to add to a refinery. Problem=Regulations=Government

2) Oil companies can’t drill anywhere.                                                                    Problem=laws=government

3) More people need more oil.                                                                                                                      Not necessarily a problem.

2 out of three of these are caused by, and can be solved by, the government. This means we have the power to lower gas prices, so why aren’t they lower? Tree Huggers. Some of these people care more about the grass in your backyard than about you. And oil is their pet peeve. Radical Environmentalists have a tendency to be far left-wing, and it is showing. Even with technology that does virtually nothing to the environment, we are not allowed to dig for oil. Instead, our beloved liberal-controlled congress tells us to use up our emergency oil supply (this is Barack Obama’s idea too, by the way), and limit use. Thanks a lot. I can see it now:

“Mom, I’m hungry, when’s lunch?”

“No lunch today, Billy, you eat too much anyhow.”

“It will take too long” was the excuse they used during Clinton’s term, aren’t you glad for their amazing foresight? They say the same thing today, that or “it will hurt the environment”. We have the cleanest, most advanced technology in the world at our disposal, we can drill in amazingly small areas. We can even scrub carbon dioxide from the air! We have been given amazing abilities, with these abilities, we can drill with minimum environmental effects. 

Oil is necessary for every nations survival, that is why every nation but ourselves is drilling off our coast. We have some alternative energy, but we aren’t ready for complete transition into them. So how about using the God-given resources we have today, instead of the ones we might be given tomorrow. Thomas Edison might have been trying to invent the light bulb, but people didn’t stop using candles and wait for him.


One Response to “$3.95”

  1. Such common sense! It is so discouraging that we have to over-come ridiculous obstacles to implement fixes that would drastically improve our world situation and our economy!
    Thanks for backing up your observations with so many facts!

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