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What to do with the Stars and Bars

Picture this: to groups of men, one in blue, the other in a tattered gray. They both drop to fire, and the flag on both sides drops, the bearers shot dead. When the units break into hand-to-hand fighting, the flags are at the center, dropping as the previous bearer dies, only to be caught by another bearer. They meet together in the center-the Stars and Stripes and the Stars and Bars-before being torn away from each other by their respective parties. The flag was the first in charging and the last in retreating. The flagbearer is the first to die and the last to live. The flag was the soul of the unit, the symbol of all they stood for, of home, country, family… to lose it was a terrible disgrace.

Today the battles of the Civil War are continued today, not just in our imaginations, but in our courts. Right now, 18 year old Tommy DeFoe is in court suing because he was not allowed to wear a Confederate flag. Is this a restriction of freedom of speech? This is one issue I really am not sure about. I suppose they have the right to display it, but I wouldn’t want to. The battle between the flags resulted in over a million deaths, must we resurrect it?

The school says that they were worried about the flag causing a racial battle. I find this hard to believe, though growing up in a small town in the Midwest may be the cause. My final decision would be that all sides are overly sensitive, the school officials by trodding on rights to avoid insult,  Mr. Defoe by caring so much about not being allowed to wear the flag, and the African-Americans for being so insulted by the flag(while the bigwig plantation owners may have cared more for their right to own humans, the normal soldier, who did not own slaves, fought for what they believed was the rights of themselves and their states).

The symbol of rebelion has outlived it’s sentiment, it will live longer, but I’m going to cry every time I see it.


One Response to “What to do with the Stars and Bars”

  1. If we do not remember or past we a doomed to repeat it. I only had to threaten to sue my school system and was never bothered again. Remembering that many died on both sides, in a war that’s cause boils down too a misunderstanding of things and changing times. WE MUST NOT FORGET!!! OR WE WILL REPEAT!!!!

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