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Can we Finally come home in Victory?

I was checking the news today when I came across an article about how a deal may finally be struck to get us out of Iraq, victoriously. That’s right, according to this article, Iraqi and U.S. people have decided on a general horizon to be able to move troops out of Iraq. This is not a done deal, but it does sound promising. With Al Qaeda on the run, Iraqi forces beginning to take over, and a democratic government in power, officials apparently believe that it is safe to start deciding on a general date for withdrawal.

This war has had a relatively low cost in deaths compared to any other of our wars. The estimate I have found ( It is from Wikipedia, I’m sorry, but I spent 40 minutes on various search engines looking for anything else) is that around 19,000 terrorists have been killed in this war (I ran across this estimate a year ago as well, but I don’t remember where). That is around 4.75 terrorists dead for every American soldier killed. Not to downplay our losses, but that is very good, especially, compared to other wars, only 4,000 deaths (once again, not to downplay it, but…).

I would say that the War in Iraq is a success. The ousting of an evil dictator; a democratic government with a working military; the near destruction of Al Qaeda in Iraq,; and the new ally we have in the escalating situation in the Middle East decide for me, and I look forward to the day that we may withdraw in victory. Political Blogger Alliance

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