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Political Science: Global Warming

If you google the words “Global Warming”  you will get about 54,100,000 hits, many of them claiming how terrible it is, how it will  destroy the Coast with terrible storms and high sea levels. Millions of people have observed the largely one-sided coverage of the evolution of this theory, which has been pushed onto higher levels of news by Al Gore. Many people don’t realise though, that their are thousands of scientists that disagree with this idea. I am now going to attempt to present their side in this argument.

                As evidence, the media has brought up various events to prove Global Warming. They say that the ice shelves are melting and the Polar Bears are dying because of it (Polar Bears aren’t endangered, Alaska actually sued to get Polar Bears taken off the endangered list). Antarctic Sea ice actually appears to be growing as the Northern Hemisphere’s ice shrinks, and even with some shrinkage of the ice in the Arctic, the level of the sea covered with floating ice chunks/iceburgs hasn’t changed. Several scientists have declared that Greenland is melting, but many reports are contradictory to this, and some evidence is in existance implying  that the edges are melting while the top is growing. They also use the fact of 10% less snow in Alaska as evidence that Global Warming exists, but the remaining 90% are receiving more snow than normal.

                The IPCC (Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change)  declared in a 1995 report that global temperatures had risen .5-1˚f in the last 150 years, But the IPCC admits that 150 years is too short a time to know whether this is a short-term spike, or a long term trend. Further skewing this data is the problem of poor management of the machines used to find these temperatures. Most of these machines are in cities, where the concrete and aphalt can raise temperatures up to 6-8˚F hotter than the surrounding countryside. That would explain a minor .75˚F supposed rise in global temperature, wouldn’t it? Some of these machines are positioned in even worse places than this, such as in a parking lot, in front of a car’s engine, a very bad place for a machine able to calculate temperatures accurately to the degree. This can very easily throw off the prediction of a .17˚C rise per decade that the IPCC has predicted.

                Al Gore predicted a 20 ft rise in sea level; reality may place a sea level rise of less than a few inches, if any. The more severe storms predicted by Gore have not been realized, IPCC investigators concluded that “overall, there is no evidence that extreme weather events, or climate variability, have increased, in a global sense, through the twentieth century.” The prediction that people would be dropping like flies from heat waves, or other severe weather occurrences, has not been realized either, death rates causes by severe weather has decreased 98% since 1920.

                The questions of the static between the weather satellites and ground readings that are recorded have not been resolved, either. While the ground stations are showing a slight increase in temperature, the satellites, where signs are expected to first show, show no increase at all.

                We now have a safeguard against so-called “greenhouse gasses”. Scientists say that they have invented a machine that can scrub a ton of carbon dioxide a day from the air. This machine will take two years to have a prototype built, and they will have to be built in the millions  to account for human emissions, but since we have yet to discover just how much C02 effects our temperature, I am confident that this machine will be unnecessary, but a good safeguard, and useful for keeping C02 in greenhouses.

Two sites I suggest for facts on Global Warming:; wattsupwiththat. Political Blogger Alliance


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