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Hope for Change…Please

I was listening last night to coverage of the RNC, when a comment caught my attention. Dick Morris was talking about the reason for picking a VP when he said (warning-this quote may not be word-for-word)

“You don’t pick a VP to carry a particular state, you pick one to define who your candidate is.”

 Now this got me to thinking (a rare occurrence, I know), what does this mean for Obama? The “change” candidate has chosen the oldest (and, yes, maybe the most experienced) person he could choose.

Did Morris not know what he was talking about? Does this only apply in certain instances? Or does this add up? While Obama has the nice motto that seems to drown out most questions asked about him, the unceasing chant of “Change,Change,Change,Change,Change,Change,” with the occasional “Hope!”, where can we really find Obama on the timeline? How different is Obama’s stance from those like, oh, say, Hillary Clinton? Not very different, I’m afraid. Not a lot of “change”. His policies are pretty typical as far as within the party lines. Higher taxes, larger government via. programs, and no drilling. Not a lot of “change”.  Obama had problems deciding on some of the issues he had to vote on, so he voted “present”, that isn’t a lot of “change”.

I begin to see where Biden is a defining choice for Obama, I just don’t see either man doing anything that the far left hasn’t been trying to do. Not that Obama isn’t  bringing some change, he is the most liberal man in the Senate. But some change is even older than any current policy. Some change is just retrogression. Some change just stinks. Political Blogger Alliance


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