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Did the Republicans just dig Themselves a Hole?

I was surprised by the amount of controversy the Republicans bashing Obama’s time as a community organizer has caused. I thought about adding Palin’s quote to “Oops” He says (which could have been unfortunate because I would have had to change the titile to: “oops” he/she said), but I decided not to on account of the smallness of the effect it will have on the campaign, because it isn’t quite as bad as those quotes, and, even though I was surprised by the amount, it really isn’t that many people.

To defend himself as experienced enough for the job as President, the Obama campaign brought up his time as a community organisor. This, and the bashing Obama did of Palin’s time as mayor, brought on the remark’s by various speakers during the RNC, Palin’s being that: “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.” A few people feel that this was a slight against community organizers. I very seriously doubt that Republicans meant that community organizers have no responsibilities, almost as much as I doubt that Obama meant anyone with a religious belief clings to it through “bitterness”.

What will probably happen now is people will discuss it for a while; it may even make the news; but it won’t be a deciding factor for independent voters. Soon it will be forgotten. Political Blogger Alliance


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