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If you check out the Tag Cloud at, you will notice that the Tag “Sarah Palin” is now bigger than the Tag “John McCain”, or even the Tag “Barack Obama”. This is especially noticeable if you click on “Politics” Tag, and look at the Tag Cloud in the upper, right-hand corner. Why? It takes a google search to find Biden’s Tag. How did Palin become such a big deal?

Not a lot of “Palin is my hero” stuff appearing under her Tag. Now 1-2 scandals are jumping around her, but they aren’t exactly huge stuff. Nothing like the dirt that Obama buried himself in. What are all the attacks for? Some Conservatives say that Dems are worried about Palin becoming President in 4 years. I really doubt that is a primary concern of most Dems. I wonder if it’s because nobody has presented an argument or scandal that really hurts Palin? And it has to be detrimental for the Dems to continue attacking Palin. Most people realize that Palin is not at the top of the ticket, McCain is, and the ability of the Repubs to give a good argument about Palin being more experienced than Obama can’t help anyone’s readiness to fall under his leadership. When your attacks stop working, stop using them. Political Blogger Alliance


5 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. Nothing like the dirt that Obama buried himself in.

    Ehhh, what in the world are you talking about? Obama doesn’t lie daily on the campaign trail. Obama’s political ethics are nearly untouchable. It is true that conservatives have tried to bury Obama in dirt, but it hasn’t worked and won’t work.

  2. The dirt I meant was the issues that had come up with Wright, Ayers, and some of his other colleagues. Also some of the statements he has said, like his quote about people clinging to bitterness, or the mistake about his uncle liberating Auschwitz.

    Obama has done a pretty good job digging his own political grave, he just has too many people holding him up to be knocked into it.

  3. This is some old tired dirt to which you’re referring. Wright and Ayers, sad examples of guilt by association with the Ayers example being outright absurd … the man committed criminal acts when Obama was nine years old.

    We all know the “bitterness” comments were taken out of context. We all know he meant that Republicans use culture as a smoke screen to hide their policy failings. Hence, get people talking about guns and religion and they won’t talk about the real issues that rightfully make them bitter such as the sucky economy. That’s one Obama observation that has really come home recently!

    Not sure where the Auschwitz comment is coming from (I’d have to google that) but I do know both is grandfather and great uncle served in WWII.

    When you find something real to throw at Obama, perhaps I’ll listen more attentively.

  4. You are very brave to write about facts that cannot be comprehended by people who hate the truth.
    Way to go and keep up the good work!

  5. I’m not saying Obama is guilty or shares the opinions of Wright or Ayers, but it certainly illustrates bad judgement. Ayers may have committed these attacks when Obama was 9, but Ayers doesn’t regret them.

    The way Obama said the bitterness quote sounds like he is saying things like anti-illegal immigration come from hating Mexicans instead of wanting to secure our borders.

    None of these things are issues, these are just the things that biased blogs like me and biased news sources fight about that don’t really matter. The point I was making in my post was that people are making a bigger deal out of some of Pailin’s mishaps than they have about Barack Obama’s. i believe all mistakes should be covered, but Obama’s should get more scrutiny than Palin’s.

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