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Obama’s Campaign: Not JFK but Jackson

Watching the media coverage of this election, I was struck with the similarities between Andrew Jackson’s control of the newspapers (the main news source of the time) and Barack Obama’s dominance on the television. Andrew Jackson’s campaign built an amazing propaganda machine, getting many newspaper editors to support him and report his propaganda. Jackson’s competitors had no comeback for this, they were mercilessly slandered and Jackson won in a landslide. Obviously the election wasn’t quite that simple. Jackson was viewed for good reason as the people candidate. He may have even won without the newspapers’ support, but they were an advantage that couldn’t be beaten.

Watching this election, I see something like Jackson’s propaganda machine reviving itself. Nearly all of the major news channels have been working to get Obama elected from day one. In case you don’t believe me (and the majority of Americans who are realising the bias) that majority of the media is Liberal:

  • Nearly half of the journalists surveyed agreed that “the very structure of our society causes people to feel alienated,” while the authors found “five out of six believe our legal system mainly favors the wealthy.”
  • 30 percent disagreed that “private enterprise is fair to workers;” 28 percent agreed that “all political systems are repressive.”
  • 54 percent did not regard adultery as wrong, compared to only 15 percent who regarded it as wrong.
  • “Ninety percent agree that a woman has the right to decide for herself whether to have an abortion; 79 percent agree strongly with this pro-choice position.”
  • Majorities of journalists agreed with the statements: “U.S. exploits Third World, causes poverty” (56%) and “U.S. use of resources immoral” (57%). Three-fourths disagreed that the “West had helped Third World.”


Source: Media Research Center

 Very basic reporting on Ayers, Rezco, and Wright transformed them from important people (semi-important and friends) in Obama’s life to McCain scare tactics. Obama became more than just a guy who can read dramatically off a teleprompter, he became a “dynamic speaker”.  And let’s not forget that the L.A. Times withheld a tape of Obama at a farewell party for a terrorist linked Professor Khalidi. I believe that this unfair coverage of the election in Obama’a favor allowed his victory.

Barack Obama has been lifted up on a pedestal, and from there he was elected. He better deliver “Change” and the right kind of it. The American people voted him in, not because he was the most Liberal man in the Senate, but because he was portrayed to be the most independent man in the running, a man who could reach across the aisle. He better, or the Dems will be lucky to have another president in this side of the millennium. Political Blogger Alliance


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