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Ahead to the Past

After every presidential election, many smaller elections take place. But in these elections, only one person gets a vote, the president-elect. He gets to decide who will be on his staff and in his cabinet. Who has Obama decided to help him bring “Change” to Washington? All the decisions haven’t been made, but the few that have been are telling.

Of the seven cabinet members Obama has picked at the time I am writing this, four of them have served on Bill Clinton’s cabinet, or as advisors for the former president (or as Bill Clinton’s wife). Currently, no Republicans have been chosen.

What is this telling me? That a bipartisan cabinet isn’t as important for Obama as he would have us believe. I have no problem with choosing people based on ability, but when only three or four other likely Republican candidates exist for nine positions, positions which have 3-4 candidates a piece, I have to doubt Obama’s sincerity. It is a fact now that the members of Obama’s cabinet that served under Clinton outnumber the number of Republican members.

So we journey ahead, into the past. With President Billama at our head, we will learn just what kind of change the Democratic Party can give. This is the test they have asked for. Here’s the cabinet so far:

  • Secretary of Agriculture…Tom Vilsack
  • Secretary of Commerce… Bill Richardson

                   Connected to Clinton by: Former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton (bet you didn’t know that)

  • Secretary of Defense…Robert Gates (all right, I’m surprised. But it will only be for 6 months)
  • Secretary of Education…Arne Duncan
  • Secretary of Energy…Steven Chu
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services…Tom Daschle
  • Secretary of Interior…Ken Salazar
  • Secretary of Homeland Security…Janet Napolitano
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development…Shaun Donovan
  • Secretary of Labor…Hilda Solis
  • Secretary of State…Hillary Clinton

                  Connected to Clinton by: Just guess

  • Secretary of Transportation…Ray Lahood
  • Secretary of Treasury…Timothy Geithner
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs…Eric Shinseki
  • Attorney General…Eric Holder

                   Connected to Clinton By: Served as Deputy Attorney General, involved in the end of term presidential pardons scandal.

  • Chief of Staff…Rahm Emmanuel

                   Connected to Clinton by: Was Senior Advisor

P.S. It may sound like I am making a big deal out of nothing. Maybe so, but when a future president says he wants, will have, a bi-partisan cabinet, I am going to hold him to that. If the his “bi-partisan cabinet turns out to be 15 far-left liberals and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I am not impressed.


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