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The Best Lego

I don’t suspect that this is going to be too controversial, but I figured since it made the headlines at FoxNews, was extremely ridiculous, and a good way to help the economy by bringing attention to a small American buisness, I better blog about it.


I have now seen it all. A controversy has come up with a company called BrickArms over a Lego figurine. Started by Will Chapman after his son requested World War Two Weapons, this company creates some…interesting legos. The most recent, and controversial,  addition to the minifigure family is a terrorist figurine known as Bandit-Mr. White. Several groups (many muslim)have complained that BrickArms is “glorifying terrorism” and encouraging violence.


BrickArms creates and sells Lego-compatible minifigures and accessories that some complain glorify violence. Currently on sale are seven World War Two Soldiers, one “Spy Bond”, one space soldier, and one terrorist ( the one causing the uproar). 31 different lego-compatible weapons are on sale. Ranging from baseball bats to assault rifles to grenades. For those of you worried that this is purely killing-focused, he sells medi-pac under the accessories tab.

Why are people so angery at this? First we had cowboy and indian playsets, then we had nazi and american playsets, now people are worried that a terrorist minifigure glorifies terrorism? Were the Nazi plastic soldiers promoting the Third Reich? “It does not represent anything; it is simply a bandit — a bad guy for the good guys to battle.” Is what Will Chapman had to say on the issue. Whether or not he is sincere is important, but not issue resolving. The question to be asking is, ‘Why do people care if we have pretend terrorist action figures to kill with our hero action figures?’ Especially Islamic groups, which have condemned the terrorists and avoided any affiliation with them. If we can answer that question, many issues might be resolved. 

To finish doing my part to help the economy, and to annoy some annoying people, I will endorse BrickArms. Can I get paid for this?




3 Responses to “The Best Lego”

  1. sick this is awsom

  2. This is extremely disturbing.

  3. Finally! Someone who actually understands the stupidity of these accusations!
    Way to go.

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