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Divided We Fail, United isn’t Much Better


During this election, we heard a lot about Unity. How we could not succeed as a divided nation. I even saw a couple “Divided we Fail” commercials, saying that only a united nation could solve the problems  face. In many ways, I agree with them. All Americans can say that this bickering between political parties is a little over the top (and then some). But with all this come together stuff, we are forgetting exactly why we are so disunited. It isn’t just that I like Elephants more than Donkeys, Democrats and Republicans have fundamental differences on every level of American politics. Political parties were created as an outlet for ordinary people to express their own opinion, a political party in its essence is a group of people who believe the same things. The problem comes when people stop making sure that they believe what their party believes, and when politicians work for a platform and not for their conscience. When these things happen, political deadlocks occur, like what is happening now.

But just coming together is not a solution. Pouring oil and water into a glass does not chemically combine them. Eliminating political parties is not a solution. Firing everybody is not a solution. Giving hugs and goodwill is not a solution. The solution is actually paying attention to who you are voting in. The letter behind a name do not guarantee complete agreement with the party platform (as Joe Lieberman proves). Those who spend a maximum of five minutes researching a candidate, with most of it spent trying to find the tiny letters, should not be complaining about our nations woes.  When someone votes campaign slogans, charisma, experience, race, political party, or anything other than the issues, they cause the problems we face. Political Blogger Alliance


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