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Obama: Not JFK But Jackson

As I watched  Obama’s Inauguration Parade, I was caught by how this resembled Andrew Jackson’s Inauguration. Andrew Jackson was the “people candidate”. He was historical as the first president to not belong with the Virginia, gentleman, plantation owner, group. Some of you may remember my previous post last year about how the “Media for Obama” drive reminded me of Jackson’s political machine. No this is not a new comparison for me, but watching millions of cheering people at Obama’s parade drove the comparison home for me. Barack Obama’s inauguration was attended at least and was attended by an estimated 2 million people! Breaking the previous record attendance of 1.2 million. Likewise Andrew Jackson’s inauguration was attended by 21,00o people. Not much by our standards, but monstrous by the standards of that time.

I don’t know how good President Obama will be, but I hope he doesn’t follow Jackson’s model for Presidency. While Jackson was a strong president, he caused a depression by eliminating the national banking system, what he considered his greatest achievement ruined the presidency of Martin Van Buren.


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