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Mailing on Washington

 As Rod Blagojevich shows, corruption and crime run rampant in our government, but rarely is it so openly flaunted as in the cases of Timothy Geithner and Tom Daschle. Both failed to pay taxes, and both claim it was a mistake. We should all know better, especially when one of those men is a high ranking official in our nations financial leadership. Policemen don’t mistakenly rob houses, Treasury officials don’t mistakenly forget taxes. President Obama should know better than to place a tax evader in charge of our taxes. Even a shadow of a doubt should have placed him under intense scrutiny, and no one in the government has shown any deep concern over this issue.  Placing these men in charge of our government is something Obama should be very careful about, he chooses not just for himself, but for every American citizen. Obama is choosing for You!

These are not men I want in charge of my taxes and hospitals. I think that it is time to tell President Obama that he IS being watched by the American people, and we are not just handing him a blank political check. On February 12, Lincoln’s Birthday, I will email President Obama explaining my displeasure at his choices and request that he reconsider and enforces the law as he has been elected to do. I hope that any readers of this will also email our President and let him know how you feel on February 12. The people still have power, and while we may not have the money or time to protest in Washington, we do have the money and time to be just as vocal. I am announcing an email protest, the first ever (as far as I know), that will be our way of respectfully and forcibly announcing our concern. How this will turn end is out of my control, it is up to you to say what you think. On February 12, please take the time to email President Obama, write ‘other’ on the subject line, and respectfully tell him where you stand on this issue. Only you can say what you will say. I also request that you help to spread the word, please feel free to copy this post if need be and post it on your own blog (I just ask that you leave a link to mine).


 To the Lord be the Glory. Political Blogger Alliance


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