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Another One Bites the Dust?

Another one of Obama’s campaign promises are on the verge of biting the dust today with the safe prediction that President Obama will sign a spending bill overflowing with earmarks. The $410 Billion spending bill has between $3.8 billion dollars and $7.7 billion worth of 8,600 earmarks. That is a lot of money. We could bailout another company with that money; or better yet, we could dump it down a hole in the desert (at least we would know where it was). But instead, Obama will sign the bill, ignore a promise, and then blame it on Bush. Which, if you read the story, you can see that Emanuel at least, does. Oh well, whats a couple billion in todays ‘historic’ recession. Political Blogger Alliance

One Response to “Another One Bites the Dust?”

  1. I have done some research and found the Top Ten Earmarks for Progressive Liberal Lefties. Check it:

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