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I’ll Send a Stern Fax

North Korea’s recent test of their long range missile launching capabilities (yes, that is what it was) demonstrate once again why we can’t expect the international community to fight our battles, even if they are necessary. But our brave President has done something revolutionary, something that will stop our enemies in their tracks. He gave a speech. Yay.

We give speeches to the NorthKoreans and are going to have diplomatic meetings with Iran without preconditions (because they are really nice people). We are working to allow members of the Taliban to return to normal life and expect them to do the same for us. I sent an email to Obama once and nothing has gotten changed. Bush spent years dealing with Iran and North Korea; Clinton, years before that. We have gone through the UN. We have gone through the EU. Neither is ready to do what is necessary to beat a nation that cares more about hurting their enemies than helping themselves. They are happy to push others off the ladder of success than to climb it themselves. Some people don’t seem to understand that. Political Blogger Alliance


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