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Obama: The European President

Europe: The land where even passive Christianity is dying out quickly, but where the Jedi Religion has finally found a home. Girls join Boy Scouts, and people pay in cash for the extra carbon dioxide that they breathe out. Pacifism is the rule of day, being politically correct is law. Europe is the true land of Barack Obama’s “Change”. Europe is the true Liberal Land.

On Barack Obama’s first trip to Europe, he was greeted by huge crowds who loudly applauded. On his second trip, he was also greeted by monstrous crowds, and he gave speeches that seemed to be exactly what Europe wanted to hear, that we are sorry for all of the wrongs we have committed against Europe. Maybe those wrongs include fighting in a World War we didn’t need to get involved in? Perhaps it was paying all of that money to help restore war-torn France? Maybe it was holding Russia’s hand in the Cold War?

President Obama’s request for forgiveness for America is obviously one of the reasons Europe loves Obama, but why does Obama love Europe? What makes Europe important enough to give speeches there during the American Election?

1. Europe is the big pusher of the UN, they love that organisation, it’s word is law to them (unless it involves sanctioning our enemies). They view the European Union as a model for the world to follow. In other words, they are pacifist.

A. President Obama wants international support. The UN is one of those things he follows to get that support. He believes that if America would cease any belligerent activities (like protecting itself), you wouldn’t even need a military. Amhadinejad is really a nice guy. He is pacifist.

2. Europe is green. The only visible light wave that can breach Europe’s skies are green (unless you are in Russia, which only gets grey light).The Kyoto Protocol is their idea, and they are coming up with others. All of which should be implemented in the US, regardless of economic effect.

B. Go Kyoto Protocol!!! President Obama cares more for the trees in my backyard than for the murdered unborn children. Europe’s energy policies are policies President Obama wants to implement now. Obama statedthat  a Cap and Trade system is necessary for clean energy, and the Democratic Congress might back him up on it. (Cap and Trade is a system where the government tells buisnesses they can only put out a certain amount of Carbon Dioxide, if they put out less than that amount, they can sell their excess to other buisnesses. Here’s a list of reasons why not to do that)

3. Europe is “progressive”, they are always tolerant of the new thing, regardless of any moral or common sense objection. Political Correctness is essential to their nations. If it doesn’t hurt you, leave it alone.

C. President Obama is also a very politically correct person. The kind who doesn’t let his beliefs get in the way of his opinions (thank God, with his pastor), he defends the rights and privileges (whether or not they are non-existant) of all beliefs, faiths, cults, sects, and wackos.


Their are other similarities between President Obama and Europe. Obama is a European liberal, the farthest type of lefty in America, complete with all the “minority rules”, “the rich are evil”, and “spread the wealth”, that goes with it. Europe is President Obama’s model for a perfect America. He is leading us down a path we don’t belong; one that will involve us facing the same fate as Europe; getting gobbled up by Russia and Islam.

So I present you with President Obama; The European President. Political Blogger Alliance


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