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Chaves’s Textbook is A Core Teaching in US Colleges

The anti-american textbook given to Obama by Hugo Chavez is taught in at least 20 American Colleges. The professors who use the book say it is because of its anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist point of view. The book’s overall point is that America and the western world is only powerful because of how they have used Latin America. The book uses historical facts and a left spin to portray the US as an imperialist, oppressive enemy that has trodden on nations like Venezuela and enriched itself through it.

To be honest, this doesn’t really surprise me. Time and again, we find how colleges indoctrinate students with a far-left anti-american and anti-christian worldview. From Harvard Sex weeks to Mahmoud Ahmidenajhad’s speaches, we are finding out why America is becoming so politically correct and pacifist. Political Blogger Alliance

8 Responses to “Chaves’s Textbook is A Core Teaching in US Colleges”

  1. It may be taught in upper division specialty courses, and may be required for particular programs of study, but it is hardly “core teaching.” I’ve been enrolled in 2 different colleges over the last 7 years, and I have never had to read or study anything like that.

    • Red,
      Which colleges have you attended?

      I said “many”, which could be between 10 and a million.

      • For reasons of anonymity, I’d rather not say the colleges I have attended. But I will say they are in Southern California if that helps in what you wanted to know.

        “I said “many””

        I’ll give you that. I probably missed it, as what caught my attention to this post was it’s title that seemed very broad-scoped.

    • I feel dumb.

      I looked back over the article and found out I missed a couple of important numbers. I’m changing the post a little bit.

  2. If colleges are incorporating it into their classes, perhaps it’s to better understand the people the cultures we’ll be having to work with over the next several decades. The more viewpoints one is exposed to, the better off one is — less close-mindedness.

    Do we have enough confidence in our American citizenship to expose ourselves to other cultures and their persuasions? Perhaps that’s the way to view it.

  3. I done wrote me a book, I hope it’s okay with the Right as a college text.

    Basically, it says “America is good, America ain’t never done nothin’ wrong. A bunch of Commies in Latin America are always whinin’ about us, but they’re just bad.”

    Seriously …

    Craig has a point. There is merit to looking at what other people think. There is also a lot of truth in the view that the US’s actions regarding Latin America are hardly without fault.

    • Wickle,
      you can write a book saying whatever you want, that doesn’t make it a textbook. I have no problem with books that have opposing viewpoints, but this wasn’t just an opposing viewpoint, it was an attack on the foundation of our economy and upon our identity as a nation. I don’t doubt that we have made mistakes in our dealings with Latin America, but we aren’t the evil nation that we are made out to be by this textbook.

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