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North Korea: Not the Nicest Nation Around

While many people seem to write North Korea and some of the other nations labeled as the “Axis of Evil” off as Nazi Germany wannabes, North Korea has achieved what Hitler had dreamed of. They have nuclear weapons, and worse, they have nuclear weapons that can hit us. Hawaii and most of Alaska are within range. While the rest of the US seems to have ignored the launches, many Alaskans are more than a little worried.

US citizens have good reasons to be worried about North Korea’s nukes. We are at WAR with North Korea. Its a fact; we have yet to sign a peace treaty with them. A beligerent nation that we have a tentative peace based on an argreement not ment to be lasting has the capabilities to decorate our skies with mushroom clouds. I, personally, doubt that our national security is all that its cracked up to be. But our safety will improve soon, because I heard that the UN planned on passing a non-binding resolution against North Korea. Political Blogger Alliance


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