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In 1776, 13 disjointed, angery colonies declared war on the most powerful nation in the world. Because of national unity, great individual leadership and sacrifice, and-most of all-divine help, a new nation was formed. A nation that would allow the people to rule themselves, not just by controlling the government, but by the small size of the national and local governments and the few necessary laws. The people were responsible for themselves; the national government responsible only for protecting Americans from foreign nations. Finally, freedom.

american flag

Since those years, we have fought numerous wars. We have won many against foreign nations. But today we fight enemies that are not necessarily new, but have recently become more powerful. Unfortunately most of those enemies find root and live in this nation. Many of the philosophies that are being embraced and accepted in modern culture are going to harm and possibly destroy our nation. Our own apathy and the willingness to sacrifice freedom for security will bring about our ruin. Our dependence on an all powerful government instead of an all powerful God will send us to the grave. America has come so far, but it must go farther yet. May we see the error of our ways. May God bless the USA.


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