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Politics as Usual

The Obama administration has moved back the deadline for the task force assigned to advise on policy decisions dealing with terrorist detention, interrogation, and transferal to report. The detention report will be delayed six months and the policy report two months, Foxnews and MSNBCreported. This pushes back new anti-terrorism policies six months at least. The articles gives no reasons for the delay, and it makes me wonder where President Obama’s priorities lie. Instead of moving from President Bush’s “appalling” policies immediately, he tours the world.  Accomplishing… something? Terrorists will not wait for the President to make up his mind on how to deal with them. Making a big deal about President Bush’s policies and then not creating your own is politics as usual.

Another important point to note is what the administration is planning to do with the detainees from Gitmo. Over 50 (with the possibility of more) are cleared for transfer  to other countries; around 30 are being considered for trial in a Federal Court; around 30 others may be tried by a military commission. This leaves a maximum of 110 detainees that will be held indefinitely under no charge, just in a different prison! Just as Bush did it. Just politics as usual. Political Blogger Alliance

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