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North Korea Welcomes Sec of State Clinton…or not

North Korea is having none of the “Six Party Talks”; and maybe just diplomacy in general. Although Secretary of State Clinton still has hope that North Korea will come to the table about nuclear disarmament, North Korea has other ideas, calling the talks “dead” and “over”. And to make it absolutely sure we understood that they didn’t like us or our diplomacy, they called Clinton a “schoolgirl” whose remarks are “vulgar” and who “is by no means intelligent.”

But President Obama still has not thrown in the towel. He has a knew weapon prepared that will force North Korea to there knees at the next negotiations; an incentive package.

Perhaps the President should listen to the response from North Korea again.

Not too long ago, I read a book titled The Korean War by General Mathew B. Ridgeway (commander of the ground forces in Korea for much of the war). At the end of the book, General Ridgeway talks about the lessons to be learned from the Korean War. Here is one lesson we still haven’t learned:

I am doubtful too if we have learned from Korea the further lesson that agreements with the Communists are of no account unless ironclad sanctions which can and will be enforced are included. Two years of trying negotiations in Korea taught us that Communists only when it is to their clear advantage to do so or when the threat of retaliation is too clear to be ignored. Whatever settlement is finally reached with the Communists in Southeast Asia, the inclusion if enforceable sanctions is bound to present extreme difficulties. We must be prepared, however, to face up to the necessity of postponing final agreement until such sanctions have been settled on. (from page 245)

This is an important lesson that all of our leaders need to learn. North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela have all been mishandled. If we want a permanent solution, we must be prepared for military action to back up diplomatic options. That is how our world works. Political Blogger Alliance


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