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Thanks, Mr. President

It feels like election season again as the debate over Health Care reform seems to be even more polarising than the campaigns were. Attempting to rally support for the Health Care Bill, leading Democrats began a series of town hall meetings. To their surprise, speakers were booed and argued with by those attending. The White House and other important Democrats have stated that these people are sent by the GOP and do not reflect the grassroots sentiment, calling the protesters “astroturf” (and also Nazis, Teabaggers, members of an angry mob, and racists).

To counter the protestors, President Obama urged that supporters of his Healthcare plan would show up, and several organizations have mobilized their members.

Enter Violence.

At a townhall meeting in St. Louis on the 6th, six people were arrested; two for assault, one for resisting arrest, and three for disturbing the peace. The incident which caused the majority, if not all, of the arrests was the beating of a black man who was handing out buttons and flags saying “don’t tread on me” (a motto that dates back to the American Revolution). The man, Kenneth Gladney, was attacked by union members who had been sent to support the Healthcare proposal. The first attacker, also a black man, called him a n—— before attacking. Gladney was sent to the emergency room for his injuries, and has recovered somewhat (enough to speak on the O’Reilly Factor).

I won’t try to say that the protesters at the meeting were completely innocent, but the blame for this incident falls on President Obama’s supporters. It seems to me that President Obama was asking for trouble by asking organizations to send out supporters. By making a call for a more peaceful protest and simply allowing supporters to show up on their own, many problems that are going to occur could have been avoided. Both factions that show up for the town halls will be more belligerent and aggressive than the last, and violence is going to occur to a larger extent. It’s time to stop the town halls now, or everyone involved will regret it.

P.S. With all this astroturf calling from the Democrats, it makes me wonder what they consider these unions and other pro-Obama groups that are sending members. The conservative movement here so far has been smaller organizations and individuals. The liberal movement here is larger unions and large organisations.

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