Solar Power
Helping People off the Fence


I am going to clarify my blog. This blog is not written by a crazy enviromentalist, someone famous,  or even someone with good typing skills. I don’t care a ton about solar energy, or any energy really as long as it is cheap. Although I will have to write about them, because this blog will deal with issues more important than what I had for breakfast this morning. I hope.


One Response to “About”

  1. Nice work Solar1. A voucher system for school is something I have been hoping to see in place for years. The educational system is selling a “product”, just like Wal-Mart , Fareway or some exclusive store on Rodeo Drive in California. If the product is good quality and has value I will buy it. As a homeschool parent I would like a portion of my tax dollars that are spent on public education back so I can decide how and when to spend it. There are great curriculums/private schools out there but some are very expensive. It would be nice to buy a “product” that is going to enhance my children’s education as I see fit, and
    be able to make the “shopping” decision on my own. My prayer is to raise Godly thinkers, leaders and enstill iin them a desire to learn the rest of their lives.

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