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What Actually Is Torture

June 1, 2009

Since late in President Bush’s second term, the argument has raged over what actually constitutes torture. Now as President Obama and Congress move to close Guantanamo Bay, arguments have become even more energetic. While I did, and still do, hold the position that waterboarding and sleep deprivation are not torture, I didn’t have any facts, […]

Obama: The European President

April 23, 2009

Europe: The land where even passive Christianity is dying out quickly, but where the Jedi Religion has finally found a home. Girls join Boy Scouts, and people pay in cash for the extra carbon dioxide that they breathe out. Pacifism is the rule of day, being politically correct is law. Europe is the true land […]

A True Hero: Mosab Hassan Yousef

January 4, 2009

Yousef was born the son of a very influential Hamas leader. He lived out his childhood as a devout, faithful Muslim working for Hamas as anyone would expect. His family was educated to an extent that few people in the Middle East ever receive an opportunity for. But while held in an Israeli prison that Hamas had infiltrated, […]

The Best Lego

December 6, 2008

I don’t suspect that this is going to be too controversial, but I figured since it made the headlines at FoxNews, was extremely ridiculous, and a good way to help the economy by bringing attention to a small American buisness, I better blog about it. I have now seen it all. A controversy has come […]

U.K. Adopts Sharia Courts

September 15, 2008

According to a Times of London article today, the U.K now allows people to have their case tried in a Shariah Court if both sides are accepting. Which, if both sides are muslim, both will have to accept. I suggest everyone reads the article to learn more. Some things that can be expected from these courts, bias […]