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As the battle rages over Guantanamo Bay, I have to ask, what is the big deal if Gitmo stays open? Why should Gitmo be closed? Any terrorists moved is being moved out of a very secure prison with a perfect record as far as escapes go. Even if they do escape, they still have to cross the Caribbean and avoid the Coast Guard to get anywhere. Moving the terrorists means either putting them inside the US-in a prison that may or may not be as secure as a Gitmo and where they could reek havoc and kill many if they escape into our towns and cities-or we could move them into a foreign nation,-where we have little control over what happens to them and where security could be lax-but their aren’t many foreign nations stupid enough to want  to house terrorists.

The main reason for closing Guantanamo Bay is that many believe it is a recruiting tool for terrorists. I find that ridiculous. Anyone smart enough to set up a network like Al Qaeda is smart enough to use effective propaganda. It doesn’t matter if we gave captured terrorists penthouse suites, terrorist leaders would just lie. Any atrocities we commit will be exaggerated and any kindnesses we have shown will be ignored (somewhat like what the media did to Bush). Terrorists either won’t expect much better than what they do to their prisoners. Also these terrorists are religiously motivated; they aren’t fighting because of human rights violations, they are fighting because they have been called to subjugate the Great Satan (us) and the Little Satan (Israel). They hate us because we support Israel, whom they hate because they control the Holy City, have beaten back Muslim forces several times, and control land that was at one time under Muslim control (Any land once under control of Islam, must always be under the control of Islam).

The real reason people are trying to close Gitmo is politics, its about image and nothing more. The kind, benevolent Democrats stop the cruel, cowboy Republicans and begin the peace process with our enemies who attacked because they were alienated by Bush. The problem is, our enemies don’t want peace. As the Koran states, the only reason for a ceasefire is to prepare for the next battle. Political Blogger Alliance


The anti-american textbook given to Obama by Hugo Chavez is taught in at least 20 American Colleges. The professors who use the book say it is because of its anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist point of view. The book’s overall point is that America and the western world is only powerful because of how they have used Latin America. The book uses historical facts and a left spin to portray the US as an imperialist, oppressive enemy that has trodden on nations like Venezuela and enriched itself through it.

To be honest, this doesn’t really surprise me. Time and again, we find how colleges indoctrinate students with a far-left anti-american and anti-christian worldview. From Harvard Sex weeks to Mahmoud Ahmidenajhad’s speaches, we are finding out why America is becoming so politically correct and pacifist. Political Blogger Alliance


Europe: The land where even passive Christianity is dying out quickly, but where the Jedi Religion has finally found a home. Girls join Boy Scouts, and people pay in cash for the extra carbon dioxide that they breathe out. Pacifism is the rule of day, being politically correct is law. Europe is the true land of Barack Obama’s “Change”. Europe is the true Liberal Land.

On Barack Obama’s first trip to Europe, he was greeted by huge crowds who loudly applauded. On his second trip, he was also greeted by monstrous crowds, and he gave speeches that seemed to be exactly what Europe wanted to hear, that we are sorry for all of the wrongs we have committed against Europe. Maybe those wrongs include fighting in a World War we didn’t need to get involved in? Perhaps it was paying all of that money to help restore war-torn France? Maybe it was holding Russia’s hand in the Cold War?

President Obama’s request for forgiveness for America is obviously one of the reasons Europe loves Obama, but why does Obama love Europe? What makes Europe important enough to give speeches there during the American Election?

1. Europe is the big pusher of the UN, they love that organisation, it’s word is law to them (unless it involves sanctioning our enemies). They view the European Union as a model for the world to follow. In other words, they are pacifist.

A. President Obama wants international support. The UN is one of those things he follows to get that support. He believes that if America would cease any belligerent activities (like protecting itself), you wouldn’t even need a military. Amhadinejad is really a nice guy. He is pacifist.

2. Europe is green. The only visible light wave that can breach Europe’s skies are green (unless you are in Russia, which only gets grey light).The Kyoto Protocol is their idea, and they are coming up with others. All of which should be implemented in the US, regardless of economic effect.

B. Go Kyoto Protocol!!! President Obama cares more for the trees in my backyard than for the murdered unborn children. Europe’s energy policies are policies President Obama wants to implement now. Obama statedthat  a Cap and Trade system is necessary for clean energy, and the Democratic Congress might back him up on it. (Cap and Trade is a system where the government tells buisnesses they can only put out a certain amount of Carbon Dioxide, if they put out less than that amount, they can sell their excess to other buisnesses. Here’s a list of reasons why not to do that)

3. Europe is “progressive”, they are always tolerant of the new thing, regardless of any moral or common sense objection. Political Correctness is essential to their nations. If it doesn’t hurt you, leave it alone.

C. President Obama is also a very politically correct person. The kind who doesn’t let his beliefs get in the way of his opinions (thank God, with his pastor), he defends the rights and privileges (whether or not they are non-existant) of all beliefs, faiths, cults, sects, and wackos.


Their are other similarities between President Obama and Europe. Obama is a European liberal, the farthest type of lefty in America, complete with all the “minority rules”, “the rich are evil”, and “spread the wealth”, that goes with it. Europe is President Obama’s model for a perfect America. He is leading us down a path we don’t belong; one that will involve us facing the same fate as Europe; getting gobbled up by Russia and Islam.

So I present you with President Obama; The European President. Political Blogger Alliance


North Korea’s recent test of their long range missile launching capabilities (yes, that is what it was) demonstrate once again why we can’t expect the international community to fight our battles, even if they are necessary. But our brave President has done something revolutionary, something that will stop our enemies in their tracks. He gave a speech. Yay.

We give speeches to the NorthKoreans and are going to have diplomatic meetings with Iran without preconditions (because they are really nice people). We are working to allow members of the Taliban to return to normal life and expect them to do the same for us. I sent an email to Obama once and nothing has gotten changed. Bush spent years dealing with Iran and North Korea; Clinton, years before that. We have gone through the UN. We have gone through the EU. Neither is ready to do what is necessary to beat a nation that cares more about hurting their enemies than helping themselves. They are happy to push others off the ladder of success than to climb it themselves. Some people don’t seem to understand that. Political Blogger Alliance


One of President Obama’s economic advisers repeated a statement from John McCain that had been a target for Obama and his supporters. Christina Romer stated in an interview on Meet the Press that:

The fundamentals are sound in the sense that the American workers are sound, we have a good capital stock, we have good technology.

Isn’t that exactly what John McCain said and was ridiculed for? Political Blogger Alliance


Another one of Obama’s campaign promises are on the verge of biting the dust today with the safe prediction that President Obama will sign a spending bill overflowing with earmarks. The $410 Billion spending bill has between $3.8 billion dollars and $7.7 billion worth of 8,600 earmarks. That is a lot of money. We could bailout another company with that money; or better yet, we could dump it down a hole in the desert (at least we would know where it was). But instead, Obama will sign the bill, ignore a promise, and then blame it on Bush. Which, if you read the story, you can see that Emanuel at least, does. Oh well, whats a couple billion in todays ‘historic’ recession. Political Blogger Alliance


Barack Obama’s massive $3.55 Trillion budget is just one of the examples of the government spending much more than it can. In fact, the government debt will increase 63% by 2010 if Obama’s plan goes through. What does this mean for the U.S? If the money the government spends is never demanded back, it could mean free money, which means a weak dollar. If the money is demanded back, we could be seeing the first ever government bankruptcy, and I don’t want to know what that means. In reality, though, no one really knows what government debt means. Our government is like an infant playing with fire, having no idea what the fire is, and how much it could hurt. If I remember right, President Obama even promised to cut the national deficit in half by the end of his first term… three days ago. He noted that roughly one in ten tax dollars went to paying interest for the deficit. He stated that “I refuse to leave our children with a debt they cannot repay.” So much for that.

It isn’t President Obama’s fault…yet. He has a chance to do somethng about our debt, just like Congress and previous Presidents had. Most (if not all) our Congressmen and Presidents share the blame of this problem. Obama has promised to take steps to fix this problem, and has not done anything so far. I pray that Obama will work to solve this, but I do not predict it. The debt has been passed from generation to generation like an unwanted, yet still cherished, heirloom; why should it stop now? Political Blogger Alliance


I don’t have the time to write a big post, so I will just say I find this hillarious. Bird Suspected to Be Extinct Photographed for First Time … Then Eaten.


I’m trying to make my blog more inclusive. So I will avoid saying the name of that holiday that everyone celebrates because if you exclude the majority, you are apparently very inclusive. Besides, not everyone believes in love.

Did I make my point?

Did I make my point?


A Speech by Me (with added links)


       Gary woke up and drowsily checked his alarm clock, “5:00; it feels later than that.” He thought drowsily before falling back asleep. When Gary’s alarm clock went off 2 hours later, he was refreshed after a long sleep and quickly got ready for school. Gary was two hours late to school that day. A week later, Gary’s older brother admitted to setting the clock back two hours. That same thing happened to all of us this election year. While we were sleeping, our older brother snuck into our room and defeated the purpose of the tool we use every day. We lost our ability to see clearly what was happening in the world.

This election year, a question was asked; did the media go campaigning for Obama? The Project for Excellence in Journalism, a nonprofit and nonpartisan research group that analyzes the media and how it is changing, has much to say on this question. In their final report, which can be found on under the Analysis tab, they found that, on average, 36% of Obama’s reporting was positive and 29% was negative. Reporting on John McCain, however, was only 14% positive and 57% negative. Ideally, a media outlet would give 100% neutral coverage, but on average, only 35% was neutral for Obama and only 29% neutral for McCain.

The contrast between MSNBC’s coverage and Foxnews’s coverage is even more striking. A shocking 73% of coverage on McCain was negative, 16% higher than the norm. Only 10% of coverage on McCain was positive 19% below average. When it comes to Obama, though, things change. 43% of reporting was positive while only 14% of coverage was negative. Foxnews tells a completely different story, literally. Exactly 40% of coverage was negative for both candidates, but Obama surprisingly received more positive coverage than McCain did, 25% to 22%.

Some may argue that, as the report shows, coverage of Obama only became positive as Obama’s popularity grew. But shouldn’t reporting always be as neutral as possible? And did the popularity encourage the positive coverage, or did the popular coverage encourage the popularity? Others accuse the study of being biased, but a separate study from the Center for Media and Public Affairs, another nonpartisan group, shows similar overall findings.

Whether or not the media won the election for Barack Obama is a question that no one can answer. How large an impact the media had in this election is a question that will never be answered. But we must learn from this, because the next time someone tries to ruin our alarm clock, we need to catch them. Political Blogger Alliance