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Obama: The European President

April 23, 2009

Europe: The land where even passive Christianity is dying out quickly, but where the Jedi Religion has finally found a home. Girls join Boy Scouts, and people pay in cash for the extra carbon dioxide that they breathe out. Pacifism is the rule of day, being politically correct is law. Europe is the true land […]

Obama: Not JFK But Jackson

January 20, 2009

As I watched  Obama’s Inauguration Parade, I was caught by how this resembled Andrew Jackson’s Inauguration. Andrew Jackson was the “people candidate”. He was historical as the first president to not belong with the Virginia, gentleman, plantation owner, group. Some of you may remember my previous post last year about how the “Media for Obama” […]

Divided We Fail, United isn’t Much Better

December 29, 2008

During this election, we heard a lot about Unity. How we could not succeed as a divided nation. I even saw a couple “Divided we Fail” commercials, saying that only a united nation could solve the problems  face. In many ways, I agree with them. All Americans can say that this bickering between political parties […]

Obama’s Campaign: Not JFK but Jackson

November 9, 2008

Watching the media coverage of this election, I was struck with the similarities between Andrew Jackson’s control of the newspapers (the main news source of the time) and Barack Obama’s dominance on the television. Andrew Jackson’s campaign built an amazing propaganda machine, getting many newspaper editors to support him and report his propaganda. Jackson’s competitors had no […]